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My Vision

To create visual experiences in jewellery pieces which are timeless. Each jewel is unique enabling the Poonam Soni woman to express her style with panache.

My Customer

The woman who knows herself, is confident and fearless to experiment and make a statement.

My Jewellery

One of a kind, handcrafted with materials sourced painstakingly and meticulously to create an art'du'jour piece of fine jewel. My jewels tell a story, are vibrant and multi dimensional. They are works of art.

My Journey

Is a wish list come true of designing for the Royalty of Monte Carlo for their Eco Art charity, working under the patronage of the Spanish Government for the 'Gaudi Revived' Collection, exhibiting at the opening of “Incredible India” in Paris at the invitation of Mark Jamet of the LVMH group. The brand received the support and endorsement of Michael Kors at the Carlyle exhibition in New York.

Our brand speaks of brushes with Royalty like the Sheikhs and exhibitions at the prestigious Burj al arab in Dubai, and Paris with the support of Lido. The Falcon brooch, now the Poonam Soni icon was auctioned by Lord Mark Poltimore of Sothebys and the brand has exhibited with Ikram Goldman.

A journey fettered with approval from Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman, Harrods of London and felicitated by Oppenheimer of DeBeers at the Louvre in Paris.

Poonam Soni featured in more than 8 international coffee table books which include the Black Book, Rolls Royce coffee table book, Prince Albert's Eco Art, The guide to fine jewellery and many more. The brand is the recipient of close to 60 awards and felicitations.